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Pro zasmání

Jede kostra v tramvaji a přijde k ní revizor: "Prosím jízdenku!" A kostra: "Mě ještě nebylo 12let!!!"

Znalostní testy

Angličtina - beginner

1. There ... cars parked in the street.

2. How lovely! ... gave you some flowers.

3. She lives in a beautiful old cottage by ... sea.

4. I’m going to visit her next ... week.

5. The job is much ... interesting.

6. Why ... to the seaside last weekend?

7. I ... a teacher since I left university.

8. We have studied English ... three years.

9. Pepik didn’t like ... up early.

10. Last year she ... six months there.

11. I’m hungry. I ... had a piece of toast this morning.

12. If you go by plane, you ... have too much hand luggage.