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This elderly Newfoundland fisherman is on his deathbed and summons his 3 sons to his bedside. "Well boys, the time is near, and when I pass I'd like to be buried at sea." So the boys agreed. A few days after his passing, the local front page read, "Local Fishermen Were Shocked Today When Their Nets Brought in Patrick McRay in a Coffin, 3 Shovels and the Bodies of His Three Sons... Funeral arrangements haven't yet been made, however, it is believed all wished to be buried at sea."

Discovering the beauties of Leipzig

Posted: 7th August, 2007

A week spent in Leipzig and its surrounds at the turn of July and August, full of thrilling experiences and glamorous moments; a brief stop in Dresden to see its historical sights; revealing attractive facets of the city of Leipzig; messing around on bikes and learning to stop eating when your body says so. To make it short, it was a terrific vacation in Germany.

Dresden - the capital city of Saxony

a smashing view over the city of Dresden

The Dresden Frauenkirche was destroyed in the firebombing of Dresden during World War II and has been reconstructed as a landmark symbol of reconciliation between former warring enemies.

The Hofkirche pipe organ built by Gottfried Silbermann is considered to be a top-notch instrument.

The Katholische Hofkirche is a Roman Catholic Cathedral, located in the Altstadt in the heart of the city.

The monumental Zwinger Palace mostly known as a major German landmark was overcrowded as usual.

Leipzig - the largest city of Saxony, Germany

A gorgeous day and a superb view of the Leipzig city center.
In the upper part of the photo you can see the central football stadium with the new 45,000 all-seater ground. Actually, it sits inside the old 100,000 capacity bowl, built on a ringed mound of wartime rubble.

City-Hochhaus is the tallest building in the city of Leipzig. The roof is equipped with a viewing platform. The previous photo was taken there.

Johann Sebastian Bach worked in Leipzig from 1723 to 1750, at the St. Thomas Lutheran church. I was ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to visit the place of first-rate baroque music. Around the city center there are musicians playing on each corner!

Despite chilly wind blowing over the grassy field, we had a long swim inside this lake. The blue tint of the water was as clear as crystal and we were able to see the lake floor.

The charming architecture of the observation tower compelled me to take a photo of the winding staircase.

When strolling through the countryside in splendid weather, everything looks at least wonderful.

The enchanted castle in Bad Düben, over 1000 years old

A picturesque church situated in a village we were passing through. We had a brief stop there when riding our bikes.

The early Renaissance Hartenfels castle dominates the town of Torgau which is situated on the banks of the Elbe river. Outside Germany the town is most well-known as the place where during the Second World War, United States Army forces coming from the west met with forces of the Soviet Union coming from the east during the invasion of Germany in 1945.

The Leipzig city skyline at midnight
The last night was simply extraordinary. We rode and rolled our bikes across the city, walked through the gloomy forest under the star-studded sky, climbed up the steep and narrow stairways to reach the top of the swaying outlook tower, and finally were rewarded by getting a marvelous view of Leipzig.

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